Samurai -Todo El Odio Del Unicornio (2011)

SAMURAI is a rock band formed in Santa Fe, Argentina. We've been playing since 2009 as three piece band (guitar - bass - drum). We love jamming so all songs come like this. In april 2011 we talk to Juan Manuel Diaz who is the guitar-singer of the band Humo del Cairo (Meteorcity). He accept to be our producer so we travel to Buenos Aires to start our first studio experience. We record all the tracks in two days. In june we get the final cd-version "Todo el Odio del Unicornio" with 9 songs all of them by SAMURAI, no covers. Now the complete cd version with the art cover is done. Our debut album "Todo El Odio Del Unicornio" is available now on Opium Records.

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