Eggnogg - Moments In Vacuum (2011)

1. Magog
2. Raking in the Dough
3. Wheel of the Year
4. Nebuchadnezzar
5. One Monster’s Confession
6. Cydonia
7. Moments in Vacuum
8. Rhythmic Past

Eggnogg is a heavy rock trio from Brooklyn, New York. Since their debut album in 2009, Eggnogg has masterfully blurred genre lines, transcending the redundant boundaries of modern rock music. Eggnogg’s effortless merging of melody, discord, psychedelic textures, and irresistible hooks defies expectation and refuses to be type casted. On July 4th, 2011, Eggnogg released their second full-length LP, Moments in Vacuum, on Palaver Records.

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