JEX THOTH Live in Kunstverein, Alemania - 15/11/2010 (bootleg)

Set list

01. Nothing left to die for (5:31)
02. Luna Moth speaks->The banishment->Stone evil (14:46)
03. Separated at birth (3:45)
04. Tauti (9:12)
05. Son of Yule (4:24)
06. Raven nor the spirit->Slow rewind (9:30)
07. Kagemni (5:07)
08. When the raven calls (4:50)
09. Mr. Rainbow (4:40)
10. Encore tuning (1:20)
11. Warrior woman (8:04)

*Duración 71:13 min.

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Acid King - Zoroaster (1995)

1. Evil Satan
2. If I Burn
3. One Ninety-Six
4. Vertigate #1
5. Tank
6. Dry Run
7. Fruit Cup
8. Queen of Sickness
9. Reload
10. Vertigate #2

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Alabama Thunderpussy - Rise Again (2004)


  1. Falling Behind
  2. Victory Through Defeat
  3. Folk Lore
  4. Lord's Prayer
  5. Get Mad/Get Even
  6. When Mercury Drops
  7. Ivy
  8. Speaking in Tongues
  9. Jackass
  10. Alto Vista
  11. Podium
  12. Fever 103
  13. Dixie
  14. Swagart (Bonus Track)
  15. When Mercury Drops (Bonus Track)
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BLACK NASA - Deuce (2004)

  1. Shabadoo
  2. Colony
  3. Kamikaze
  4. Light
  5. Thanks Anyway
  6. Hut Nut
  7. Boozer
  8. Talking Candles
  9. New World
  10. You Be Illin'
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Myosis (Pak) + J (Sgp) - Schism of Precepts (split) (2011)

01. Myosis - Apostate of my Own Soul
02. Myosis - The Uncaring Strokes of the Master
03. Myosis - Cultivating the Tao
04. J - Sounding the Death Toll of God
05. J - The Sun is Almighty
06. J - Apotropaic

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Doom metal from Pakistan and funeral doom from Singapore. Thanks for sending the link!

23 Ways to Hell - Learning to Bark EP (2011)

In your needle
Rise Yours Arms
God Red Hand

Damnation A.D. - Kingdom Of Lost Souls (1998)

Damnation A.D. formed under the name "Damnation" in 1992 by two veterans of the D.C. straight edge hardcore punk scene, songwriter/guitarist Ken Olden and vocalist Mike McTernan (who is the brother of producer Brian McTernan) where they developed their taste for more heavy and slow music.
Starting as a studio project later they added new members and changed their name into "Damnation A.D.". after some split 7" and a first album in the label Jade Tree, they signed by Revelation records and released "Kingdom Of Lost Souls" a brutal collision between the dynamic sound of hc-metal and their influeces from heavier and slow music. this album can be considered one of the influences of the last period of the spansih band like peter at home (pre-moho).
the came back in 2007 releasing a third album.


Band : Damnation A.D.
Album : Kingdom Of Lost Souls
Genre : Hardcore / Metal
Year : 1998

Tracklist :
01. Kingdom Of Lost Souls
02. Fallacies
03. Turn Into Ghosts
04. Give Me A Reason
05. In The Flesh
06. All My Life
07. The Mortal
08. Climbing And Climbing
09. Wait For A Day
10. Circles

Sink - Truth & Severance 12" (2011)

the awaited new release from this finnish amazing band is a 12" (only vinyl edition) with 2 songs Truth & Severance, they keep on developing with their unique sound mixing the most obcure essence of black metal, ambient, drone, and total cold and dark atmospheres. basically "the new shape of black metal to come" a must!

SINK: Truth & Severance 12"
12” EP Released 2011 by Kult Of Nihilow Limited edition 266 copies
Recorded and mixed: Tampere / Pori / Helsinki / Hirsilä 2009 - 2011
Mastered by Pentti Dassum

Truth video

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Mississippi Bones - Mississippi Bones (2010)

01. Sasquatch Paparazzi
02. Makin' Deals with the Robot Devil
03. Vampire Blues
04. The Silverforked Tongue of Mr. Toad
05. The Leopard, the Lion & the She-Wolf
06. Band-1
07. The Venkman
08. Full moon Risin'
09. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

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Two dudes from the flat lands of Hardin county, Ohio making rock n roll the way it was intended. From foot tappin’ groove rock to southern swamp sludge, Mississippi Bones takes you on a trip you won’t soon forget. Littered with huge riffs and lyrics smeared with pop culture references, this beast will wrap itself around you and not let go any time soon!
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Jesus on Dope - Demo (2011)

01. Ghost Host
02. Escape from the Void
03. Jesus on Dope

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psychedelic instrumental rock from México DF

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