Dead End Friends (2012) EP

One word to describe DEF? Exeptional. In every way. They started as a 2 piece with bass, drums and vocals. Now, the full lineup consists of Markus, Daniel, Michi and Christoph. 2 bass guitars, 1 guitar and drums. There's no appropriate genre to describe their music. You can hear elements of stoner-rock, psychedelic-rock and some punk as well. Their frequent use of effects and foot-pedals creates a very profound wall of sound. Sometimes it hits you straight in the face, sometimes it plays with your deepest and darkest thoughts. The length of the songs often hit the 6 minute mark and the parts seem to circulate in your head once you heard them. Recurring bass lines, often accompanied by almost spacy single note picking on guitar, driven by a heavily distorted second bass and intense, cheeky drums. Yeah, that's how they sound like. They're sending you on a journey from wonderland to hell and all the way back. White rabbits included. To sum it up: 4 guys who play the music they love, with lots of passion and energy. Do you like the feeling of being overrun by a freight train? If you do so, check this band out. (

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