Banda de la Muerte (2009)

1. Dos Huesos
2. Hesperidina
3. De La Muerte
4. Esqueleto
5. Los Ojos Del Diablo
6. Madera Sagrada
7. Cuando No Hay Mas Que Perder
8. A Traves De La Sangre

From Argentina, a referent country of the Spanish speaking rock and home of very important bands like Pappo’s Blues, Vox Dei, Pescado Rabioso, comes Banda de la Muerte, one of the most burning acts of the local scene.

The first band’s record was launched in 2009 by Zonda Records. The record has deserved reviews from the specialized press such as Rolling Stone and Jedbangers Magazines. It has also been reviewed by specialized web sited and TV media such as MTV, Much Music, The Sleeping Shaman, Heavy Planet etc.

A brand new album from Banda de la Muerte is ready to hit the streets in March 2012 simultaneously with their first European tour. Stay on the look-out for more to come from these guys. Because nobody has more zest for life than the Band of the Death!

facebook / You can download it by paying anything you want from their bandcamp!!