1 Dome la muerte and the diggers /Session Man /Diggersonz
2 Muzzled /Gimme More/Reborn
3 The Morlocks/Dirty Red / Easy Listening for the Underachiever
4 Clepydra / jimi plays my guitar/Marmalade sky
5 Poison Deluxe /Mature Wine/The three dead Blues
6 Muffx / Like Before/Small Obsession
7 Maya Mountains /Wanna Know What I Know?/ Hash And Pornography
8 OJM /Oceans Hearts/ Volcano
9 Small Jackets /Listen to the Rock/Cheap Tequila
10 Re Dinamite /Fuzzy Love /split connetion vol.1 with Vic du Monte's Persona non Grata
11 CUT /Summertime/Annihilation Road
12 The Sade /Deaf Love/ Damned Love
13 Link Protrudi & The Jaymen /Bandito /The Beast of Link Protrudi & The Jaymen
14 The Last Killers /Flesh And Proud (feat.Brian Auger)/Violent Years
15 The Shoes/ Talk With You/The Shoes
16 Losfuocos/Revolution/Revolution Losfuocos
17 Pater Nembrot/Supercell/Sequoia seeds
18 Vic du Monte's Persona non Grata /Barons &Bankers/Barons & Bankers
19 Glincolti /Ferma Un Momento / Visti & Imprevisti
20 The Strange Flowers /Hollywood / Vagina Mother
21 Gorilla /Hot Cars / Rock Our Souls
22 Veracrash /Beyond The grave/11:11
23 El Thule/Black Mamba/Green Magic
24 Underdogs /Fuck coverband /Ready to burn
25 King Size / Money Laundering/ Guess it
26 Volcano Heat/ The Sky /Vive Le Rock!
27 Fango/ What I Think /Icarus
28 The Fuzztones /Me Tarzan, you Jane in Heat /Raw Heat
29 Autumn's Rain / Too Loud/ Autumn's Rain
30 Horrible Porno Stuntmen/ Camon/inedito del prossimo album del 2012